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      • FAQs


        Who can open an account?

        For the individuals account, any person who is at least 18 years old can open an account. If an individual is less than 18 years of age then he/she must have a guardian named on the account. Also all entities which satisfy the requirements of Qatar Exchange can also open an account with us.

        How to open an account?

        There are two types of accounts available at Ahli Brokerage Company. National Investor Number (NIN) must be obtained from QE before opening an account with us.

        • Individual account

          The first account is the Individual account where an “Account Opening Form “should be filled. For both Qataris and residents of Qatar, a copy of the passport or the National ID Card copy is required.

        • Corporate account

          The second is the corporate account where an "Account Opening Form" should also be completed, and the following documents should be submitted,

        • A trade license,

        • Official copy of valid C.R,

        • Information about the owners and main partners of the company,

        • Name of members of the board of directors,

        • Duly attested copy of the memorandum and articles of association,

        • Copy of identification card of authorized signatory,

        • Company stamp on the investor application form,

        • Letter addressed to QE to open an account (for opening NIN with QE),

        • Bank account details must be stamped the bank or letter from the bank confirming the bank account details must be attached.

        • If all documents are ready, then a trading account number is issued by ahli brokerage and securities trading can commence.

        Where to open an account?

        Opening an account can be done personally by visiting our office in the ABQ Building 1st Floor (next to Ramada Hotel) on Salwa Road.

        Do I have to be a resident of Qatar to open an account?

        No, being a resident of Qatar is not necessary.

        How often do I get my statement of accounts?

        All customers who have provided a valid e-mail id will receive the account statement on monthly basis. Other customers will receive the statement by post on monthly basis.In addition to the monthly statement sent by us, customer can also request for the statement as and when needed.

        Does Ahli Brokerage assist in the obtaining investor number from QE?

        Yes, Ahli Brokerage assists its clients in obtaining an Investor number from QE. Customers need to fill the New Shareholder Application Form (NIN opening form) required by QE and provide the documents mentioned in the form.

        How can I credit my Trading account with Ahli Brokerage?

        By transferring funds to your bank Account with ABQ through the Bank’s channels.

        If I did not use my trading account for some time, would it be deactivated?

        No , your trading account will not be deactivated if not used .

        I have deposited money in my ABQ bank account, what is the next step?

        The next step is to start trading through our various trading channels i.e. online trading, via phone or by visiting our office.


        What are the securities that are allowed to be traded?


        Can I manage my securities portfolio online?

        Yes, portfolios can be managed online. You have to fill an application form to obtain the user id and password for online trading. There are no additional charges to get access to the Online Trading Channel.

        I have forgotten my online trading password, what can I do?

        You can contact any of our customer service executives (at +974 4011 0333 )and they will help you reset your user name and password. You may also send us an e-mail (at brokerage[at]ahlibank[dot]com[dot]qa) requesting the password reset.

        I have made a BUY order online and it did not go through, What could be the reasons?

        There can be different reasons for an order not to go through such as prices that do not match, not enough cash available in the account or the client may have an active order in the market which has not been executed yet, but the amount of money was already reserved for this transaction; assuming that the cash available is not enough for the new transaction one can not place any further order unless the previous transaction is cancelled and if non of the above is applicable then a technical problem could have occurred.

        I have made a sell order online and it did not go through, What could be the reasons?

        The shares are not transferred in the customer’s trading account with Ahli Brokerage


        How do I trade?

        Just by having an account with us you may buy/sell securities online (on Ahli Brokerage Online Trading System), via phone or by filling in the buy/sell application form with authorized signature. You should have sufficient funds to buy securities, including the commission.

        Can I place an order to buy/sell outside trading hours?

        An order can be entered on the system outside of trading hours; the order will then be managed through our order management system on the next trading day.

        How does the fixed price market order works?

        The investor gives instructions specifying the price at which he is willing to execute the transaction. AHLI BROKERAGE COMPANY will record the order into the electronic trading system at the specified price and will be executed automatically subject to market movements.

        How can I know whether my order has been processed or not?

        You will receive an SMS message on your mobile once an order has been executed. However, you need to ensure that you provide the correct mobile number while opening an account or update the mobile number with us should you change the same.

        How many transactions can I process per day?

        There is no specific number of transaction processes per day.

        Can I trade my securities while I am out of Qatar?

        Yes this could be done by calling our office and talking to our brokers. After you receive the verification from our side, we will be able to follow your instructions. You can trade via accessing our Website when you are outside Qatar.

        What is meant by executing at market Price?

        Executing at market price is when the investor places an order to execute without specifying any price for buying/selling securities which will be executed at the market rate at that time.

        What are the trading hours?

        Trading hours are from 09:00 am till 1:15 pm from Sunday to Thursday.

        What is the Currency used to trade in QE?

        Only QAR (Qatari Riyals) is used for trading in QE.


        What are the charges incurred on each transaction made?

        On each buy/sell transaction we charge 0.275% of the amount for more than QAR 10,910

        For any amount that is less than QAR 10.910, charges are QAR 30 for each transaction made

    • Market Status

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      • Last Update : 07:45:28

        • Trading Hours

        • Sunday - Thursday

        • 9.00 am to 9.30 am Pre-open

        • 9.30 am - 1.00 Continuous trading

        • 1 pm to 1.10 Pre Closing

        • 1.10 pm - 1.15 pm Trading at last