Ahli Bank=0% 33.00/0      Aamal Holding=1.89% 11.31/2,300      Khaleej Takaful=-2.72% 17.50/5,000      Barwa=3.19% 32.30/6,105      Commercial Bank=3.94% 30.35/210,465      Dalalah=1.87% 19.10/1,701      Doha Bank=3.39% 30.50/210,359      Doha Insurance=-0.68% 14.50/30      Ezdan=2.94% 12.59/5,683      Gulf International=0.83% 20.66/200      Gulf Warehouse=3.23% 48.00/38,841      Islamic Holding Group=2.99% 51.60/50      Industries Qatar=3.8% 95.50/400      Khaliji Bank=9.67% 13.50/600      Rayyan Bank=3% 39.50/1,000      Mannaai=4.62% 72.50/3,764      Medicare=1.23% 82.00/2,000      Al Meera=3.89% 136.10/325      Mesaieed Petrochemical Holding Company=4.45% 13.37/1,000      Mazaya Qatar=4.48% 10.73/8,880      National Leasing=0.28% 14.14/1,819      Ooredoo=3.26% 91.90/171,611      Qatar Insurance=2.59% 67.40/21,459      Cinema=0% 26.65/0      Electricity and Water=2.93% 189.90/63,982      * Qatar First Bank (QFC)=2.93% 7.72/10,000      Qatar Fuel=3.32% 109.00/4      Qatar German Medical=2.84% 7.61/1,850      General Insurance=0% 34.90/0      Qatar Gas Transport=1.43% 17.04/409,177      QIB=2.55% 92.50/60,966      Qatari Investors Group=2.96% 48.70/21,013      International Islamic Bank=2.77% 55.60/100      Ind. Manf Co.=6.3% 43.05/31,360      Islamic Insurance=4.31% 60.50/263,932      QNB=3% 127.00/2,500      Qatar Cement=2.97% 65.90/416      Navigation=1.32% 69.30/218      Qatar&Oman Inv=1.43% 8.50/2,374      Salam International=2.32% 9.25/51,180      United Dev.=1.18% 17.10/1,350      Vodafon Qatar=5.16% 8.56/5,000      Widam Food Company=3.98% 57.50/350      Zad Holding Company=3.89% 77.40/340      
      • Services and Delivery Channels

        Our clients enjoy seamless access to the Qatar Stock Exchange through any of our technologically advanced channels.

          • Personal Visit

          • We have established a state-of-the-art trading floor based at Ahli Brokerage Company in Salwa road, Ahli Bank Building (next to Radisson BLU Hotel).You can visit us between 7:30 am to 1:30 pm for order placement and other queries.

          • Phone Trading

          • Your personal broker is just a phone call away. Access your broker anytime from anywhere by calling our direct lines. Your broker will personally receive your orders and execute them on your behalf.

          • VIP Trading Lounge

          • Ahli Brokerage offers HNWI the privacy, luxury, and convenience of an exquisite VIP Trading Lounge where these valued clients may trade in privacy amid a sophisticated and comfortable environment.

          • Internet Trading System (ITS)

          • Ahli Brokerage brings trading to your fingertips with its online trading service. Online trading with us is secure, convenient, and state of the art. We employ the latest technology, ensuring you of a user-friendly interface.

          • Key features:

          • Live broadcast of market prices and news

          • Creation, modification, and cancellation of orders

          • Secure trading platform

          • Accuracy and speed of execution

          • Speedex

          • For sophisticated investors managing high volume portfolios, we provide Speedex, a secure and more personalised Internet-based application. Speedex offers real-time streaming of market data, faster processing of orders, personalisation, and advanced trading tools.

          • Key features:

          • Monitoring of market and stock chart with the assistance of live data

          • Enhanced user experience with hot keys and right-click functions

          • High level of personalisation

          • Financial Institutional Workflow (Reuters Order Routing)

          • Ahli Brokerage makes available a sell-side interface to the partner broker system worldwide, whereby our partners can place orders on the Qatar Stock Exchange using Reuters one of the world's largest global order-routing networks

    • Market Index

    • Market Status

      • QE Index 9,030.44

      • No. of Shares

        Total Value

      • 12,517,351


      • Last Update : 16:22:20

        • Trading Hours

        • Sunday - Thursday

        • 9.00 am to 9.30 am Pre-open

        • 9.30 am - 1.00 Continuous trading

        • 1 pm to 1.10 Pre Closing

        • 1.10 pm - 1.15 pm Trading at last